I’m here, first with Trump in the White House, now with the covid pandemic. You recede into the past, and I go forward without you. The only way I communicate with you is on this website, where I see our world as it was, through your eyes.
Jay, I am so glad you remain here at this site.
You left me 2 years ago. I will look at some of the places we were together. I love and miss you so much; it is still so painful.
there was a monarch butterfly on the butterfly bush today.
Lynne Knox(non-registered)
Dear Jay- thank you, all my love, Lunne
ARCC Photography
Awesome work! Keep it up! Very organized website.
Betsy knox(non-registered)
I love the neon, night photographs :) I also like the bright colors
Mike Daniels(non-registered)
I don't know where to begin. Your photos are both beautiful and interesting with all the detail they hold. As the old adage goes: A picture is worth a thousand words". Thanks for letting me know about your website.
Emma Prochaska(non-registered)
Cool well you are a good Photographer !!!!!!!
Theresa Ross(non-registered)
WOW! What a wonderful kaleidoscope of color and form. All of your subjects were treated with such attention to detail. I never spent so much time looking at farm equipment. I have a new appreciation for all of the treated subjects. I have seen them through the artist's eye - better than reality.
Karen M. Gray(non-registered)
Spectacular photography! It was a joy to see the B&O Museum in Baltimore after the rebuilding of the roof of the roundhouse exhibition area. Obviously they also did a lot of work on the equipment in it. I'm going to have to get myself down there to visit it again.
I like the diversity of your subjects. Old equipment and old places interest me also but I hungered for more information about some of the things you photographed. That's a problem I have with pictures--I always want to know about what is in the photograph and I'm never content with just viewing the image. I guess that's the difference between photography for its esthetic effect and as part of a process of conveying information. Nevertheless, your photographs are both esthetic and often composed to tell the viewer a lot about the object. I appreciate that!
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