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Where are all the people?

I'm not much of a people photographer. If you explore this Website a bit, you'll see that most of my photos are uninhabited – mostly empty spaces and empty places. In fact, I often have to wait patiently before clicking the shutter, until people finally wander out of the scene. But once in a while a person – or a group of people – seems to be just what an image needs, so I welcome them in.

(In some of these photos, the people are small in the frame, so you may have to look closely to ferret them out.)

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Haight AshburyCarnival at NightCarnival at NightCarnival at NightCarnival at NightRodeo DriveRodeo DriveCole Brothers CircusCole Brothers CircusCole Brothers CircusCole Brothers CircusCole Brothers CircusMarlington, WVNew Orleans, LABourbon StreetBourbon StreetNo LoiteringCass Scenic RailroadCass Scenic RailroadCass Scenic Railroad