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A Short History of American Automobiles

The cars in this gallery are arranged by model year -- from a 1905 Buick to a 1975 Chevrolet. When I have to guestimate a model year, the year is followed by a "c" for circa (e.g. 1925c Packard). If you spot a mistake in either manufacturer or model year, please let me know.

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1905 Buick1909 Cadillac1919c Ford Model T1924 Chrysler1925 Studebaker1925c Packard1928 Ford1928 Ford1928 Studebaker1929 Cadillac1929 Ford1929 Ford1929 Stevens-Knight1930 Ford1930 Ford1930 Ford Model A1930 Ford Model A1930 Ford Model A1930 Willys1931 Ford Model A